HIV/SHIV Mother-to-Child-Transmission Research

Our goal is to harness our understanding of protective maternal immune responses into the development a maternal or pediatric HIV vaccine to achieve an HIV-free generation.

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Mother-to-Child-Transmission Research

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is the leading infectious cause of birth defects worldwide, but scientists have been frustrated in their efforts to develop a vaccine to protect infants against this disease. Dr. Permar's lab with collaborators at Tulane National Primate Research Center (TNPRC) have developed a nonhuman primate model of congenital CMV infection and are currently using this model to investigate the immune correlates of protection against CMV transmission for vaccine development.

Zika Mother-to-Child-Transmission Research

Assessment of antibody-based immune protection against ZIKV in the setting of challenge and re-challenge allows characterization of a mature and robust secondary immune response in the context of a broader primary immune response.  We are currently isolating and identifying several monoclonal antibodies that are specific to the Zika virus envelope protein. These insights will guide the development of effective vaccines and immune-based therapeutics. We collaborate with the University of Wisconsin, the University of California- Davis, and the Universidade Federal do Espírito Vitória, Brazil.

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